Én Gry & Sif

Since 2000 Èn Gry & Sif have designed beautiful, decorative and fun articles for home and presents. The products are hand made and produced in Nepal. In 2009 they were certified by The World Fair Trade Organization, as the first company in the business.

Nordic, natural and raw! In 2009,

Én Gry & Sif became the first Danish company in the industry, certified by The World Fair Trade Organization for their work with, among others, To create sustainable products in one of the world's poorest countries. Handmade products in felt and ceramics are produced in Nepal, where all the products are manufactured under orderly conditions, and with great respect for people and the environment. The Danish design brand is clearly characterized by the Nordic design traditions, while recognizing the delights and experiencing the best quality of the beautiful handmade design.


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