Abigail Ahern

An international super brand in the field of Interior design has landed in Denmark-for British Abigail Ahern, who, among other things. She has been a stylist for Gwyneth Paltrow and whose design will be sold in some of London's finest shops.

In the first place, we get the opportunity to buy her trendsetting and lifelike artificial flowers and plants. Abigail Ahern's universe is a study in style security; dramatic and decadent details for homes, gold, dark paints and opulent chandeliers.

As Gwyneth Paltrow, one of her many celebrity customers, says: ' She is changing a room atmosphere with its sense of artistic décor ".

The same effect has Abigail Ahern's artificial flowers, which follows real seasons and is inspired by the Dutch painters. Think rare varieties, wild plants, branches, berries and Evergreen, as well as a color palette that moves from the winter white and deep Burgundy shades of dark red, oranges and plums for the softest spring green and cream shades.


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